Purpose of this memorial

The purpose of this D-Day memorial is twofold. First, since several generations have now grown up in the post World War II era, it is hoped that the memorial will invite questions from young people about Word War II. The desperate nature of the time and the sacrifices made by so much of the world seems greatly understated to our young people of today. Secondly, many local World War II veterans may never have had the chance, or lack the ability today, to visit the actual American Cemetery in Normandy France. By recreating these 42 monuments in detail, those who wish to get a sense of what the actual cemetery is like, may do so without leaving Atlanta, Georgia.

The full feature movie Saving Private Ryan, and the HBO mini series Band of Brothers, are two excellent depictions of what American troops faced in the invasion of Europe. Despite the relentless pounding of Nazi defenses by the combined Allied military forces, the well prepared Nazi emplacements posed a formidable threat to the Allies. While the focus of this memorial, is a tribute to the brave souls who helped form those first cracks in Hitler’s “Atlantic Wall”, it is so important to consider that the entire globe was affected by the dark cloak of the Axis Powers as they attempted to conquer, dominate, and exploit so many people and resources of the world. This memorial and website is by an American, for beloved countrymen who answered the call to help free foreign lands, for the greater good. D-Day June 6th is a small snapshot of a great period of suffering in human history. Truly, many nationalities combined resources to defeat the Axis threat, and there were many "D-Days" aside from June 6th. The National WWII Museum, in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, is an excellent resource for information on the many D-Days of World War II.

Before the United States entered World War II, Brittan alone faced the crushing weight of Axis power the world over. Arguably, the unbending resolve of Brittan’s Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, in the face of the overwhelming Nazi military power which had swallowed up continental Europe, was a resolve that saved the free world. It was a world at war, in a fight to save all that was free and creative. For those of us who have grown up in a post World War II world, it is difficult, if not impossible, to understand the desperate struggle that the people of that time faced. There were sacrifices of individual comforts which today so many of us do not comprehend.

It is the deepest hope of the author that if you do not know much about World War II, and the sacrifices so many people made for what you enjoy today, that you will seek to learn more. Almost every family was affected in some way by this great struggle. Listen to what grandpa or grandma has to say about the great World War II and thank him or her for what they gave up in taking up the cause against evil.


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